Lunch: Sponsor Table Topics

Tuesday, February 14    |    12:45pm - 2:00pm

Aligning Jewish values with your public market equity portfolio
Discussion led by Aperio Group LLC (Bob Newman, Partner)
Increasingly foundations are revisiting the disconnect between their investments and their missions.  Unlike other religious groups where there are defined investment parameters, the Jewish community doesn’t have an agreed upon values policy statement.  While this creates challenges and requires each Jewish entity to determine the Jewish values that they would like to see reflected in their portfolio, it can be done.  At this table we will explore some of the ways Jewish values can be translated into a public equities portfolio and how one might asses the cost of doing so.

Incorporating Negative Screening, ESG, and Impact, from the Endowment to the Donor-Advised Funds.
Discussion led by BlackRock (Ned Rosenman, Director, Client Solutions team)
A discussion of asset allocation best practices with a specific focus on portfolio construction approaches within Impact Investment

Private Equity Outlook: Current Trends and the Challenges Ahead
Discussion lead by Muthu Muthiah (Senior Investment Manager and the Head of Private Markets,Covariance Capital Management)
Covariance believes private equity is an important part of an institutional portfolio. It provides attractive opportunities for long-term investors to extract the value created by hands-on private equity managers and to harvest the illiquidity premium from time to time. This discussion will provide the Covariance outlook on current trends and the challenges ahead in the private equity sector.

Trustee, What Keeps You Up at Night?
Discussion led by Canterbury Consulting (Mike Laven, CEO)
This table discussion will touch on issues that are on top of the minds of fiduciaries as they relate to the investment program: Investing in a low return and potentially rising inflation environment, controlling fees in the investment program, investing in hedge funds, distinguishing between luck and skill in manager selection, what committee functions to delegate and setting up investment committee best practices.  Doing Good While Doing Well: A Technology Lens on Impact Investing From Israel

Doing Good While Doing Well: A Technology Lens on Impact Investing from Israel 
Discussion led by Impact First Investments (Yair Safrai, Chairman and Cecile Blilious, Founder) 
The impact investment market has grown to a more than $80b industry and is expected to reach $400b annually within the next decade. Given the combination of Israel’s ability to support and grow start-ups and innovation, Israel is quickly becoming a vibrant social-tech ecosystem, creating a very significant opportunity for investors from all over the world. Impact First Fund is unique in its threefold criteria of Israel based, technology focused for global impact and market-rate returns. We will discuss how Israeli technology can create an opportunity to do good and do well, engage young Jews from the US and play a leading role in the impact investing market.

How to Navigate the Cross Currents of the Fixed Income Markets
Discussion led by Israel Bonds (Israel Maimon President & CEO and Stu Garawitz, Vice President)
The new administration has signaled they intend on making changes that could affect the financial markets. In uncertain times, investors may consider repositioning their portfolio and learn how Israel Bonds can play an important role.

Navigating Through a Start-up nation: Follow the money, not the buzz
Discussion led by  Israel Secondary Fund (Nir Linchevski, Managing Partner)
Israel gave birth to thousands of start-up companies, attracted billions in investments and became a key R&D base for virtually every leading global technology company. The number of IPOs and M&As arising from Israel’s tech eco-system has exploded, and seems to eclipse the achievements of other international tech hubs. However, when measured in financial terms, does performance match the hype? What story do the dollars tell about 20 years of start-up nation history? What’s driving today’s growth and what can we expect for the future?

Early Stage Venture Financing: How Israel's Unique High-Tech Industry Maximizes Returns 
Discussion led by JANVEST Capital Partners (Daniel Frankenstein, Managing Partner)
Israel maintains one of the most dynamic and diverse technology ecosystems in the world, attracting Israel maintains one of the most dynamic and diverse technology ecosystems in the world, attracting billions in venture capital and commanding the attention of multi-national corporations from East to West, including more than half of the Fortune 500. Despite Israel’s potent mixture of highly talented entrepreneurs, venture financing, and easy access to markets abroad, the fact that nearly 90% of tech-related liquidity events in Israel occur under the $100MM price point presents a real ROI challenge for the traditional venture firms. JANVEST Capital Partners will discuss how their data driven investment strategy, as well as sector, stage, and valuation discipline complements the unique economics of Israel’s innovation sector while hitting the core competencies of the Israeli entrepreneur.

Untapped Opportunity in the Israeli Hedge Fund Industry
Discussion led by Gesher Capital (Yaniv Zilberman Founder)
We will discuss the Israeli hedge fund industry's evolution; more than tripling the number of hedge fund managers in four years. Additionally, we will examine the timing and reasons for this growth and try to forecast where the industry is heading, along with the opportunities this growth has created. Finally, we will investigate the ways in which institutional investors can monetize these opportunities via FoHF or direct investing.

Pursuing the Better Investment Experience
Discussion let by Dimensional Fund Advisors (Massi De Santis, Vice President)
What are the keys to having a successful investment experience? In this presentation, Massi de Santis will show how we can apply the main findings of the theoretical and empirical research in finance to implement investment solutions that benefit clients.

Considerations When Investing Charitable Gift Annuities and other Planned Gifts 
Discussion lead by PNC Institutional Asset Management (Melissa A. Sylvester, Vice President and Senior Planned Giving Investment Specialist with the Planned Giving Services group)
While Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs) are often a small portion of a charity’s assets, they can pose investment challenges due to their differences from other types of assets such as a charity’s endowment.   Discussion will revolve around four characters that make Charitable Gift Annuities different from Endowments.  Best practice strategies for CRT’s will also be discussed.

Outsourcing from a Former CIO’s Perspective
Discussion lead by Mike Condon (Senior Vice President, Fund Evaluation Group)
Mike Condon has more than 25 years of experience as a CIO of $1 billion+ institutions. He’ll use that knowledge to lead a conversation about the advantages of outsourcing your investment decisions and operations to a skilled external provider, allowing you to focus on your organization’s mission.


Massi De Santis

Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors


Israel Maimon

President & CEO, Israel Bonds


Stuart Garawitz

Vice President of Sales, Israel Bonds


Yair Safrai

Chairman, Impact First Investments


Cecile Blilious

Founder and Managing Partner, Impact First Investments


Daniel Frankenstein

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, JANVEST Capital Partners


Melissa A. Sylvester

Vice President and Senior Planned Giving Investment Specialist , PNC Institutional Asset Management


Muthu Muthiah

Senior Investment Manager and the Head of Private Markets, Covariance Capital Management


Michael Laven

Chief Executive Officer, Canterbury Consulting


Bob Newman

Chief Client Experience Officer and Partner, Aperio Group


Nir Linchevski

Managing Partner, Israel Secondary Fund


Yaniv Zilberman

Founder, Gesher Capital


Yitz Raab

Founder and Managing Partner, Tzur Management


Ned Rosenman

Director, Client Solutions team within BlackRock Solutions


Michael Condon

Senior Vice President of Institutional Investments, Fund Evaluation Group