Tuesday, February 14    |    8:40am - 9:40am

Over the years, Mr. Rubenstein, who has a fortune estimated at $3 billion, has made gifts to the usual array of universities, hospitals and cultural organizations which is a favorite of wealthy donors.  But he stands nearly alone in what he calls “patriotic giving,” where he is making substantial donations to improve government and public institutions.  Such giving is a subject of feverish debate in the philanthropy world, where many believe that private money should not permit government to abdicate responsibilities and in turn drain cash from food banks, hospitals and other services in need. There are concerns about whether it is a good idea for philanthropy to step in for government.  Mr. Rubenstein will reflect on the state of the economy, the new administration and how he will focus going forward on patriotic giving.

Lay Leader

Bruce Zimmerman

CEO and Chief Investment Officer, The University of Texas Investment Management Company



David M. Rubenstein

Co-founder and co-CEO, The Carlyle Group