Rodger  Baker Photo

Rodger Baker

Vice President, Strategic Analysis, Stratfor

Rodger Baker is a leading expert on geopolitics and international affairs. A Stratfor analyst since 1997, he has played a pivotal role in developing and refining the company's analytical process, internal training programs and geopolitical framework.

Mr. Baker is frequently invited to speak to organizations across the globe and is regularly interviewed by major media including The Economist, The New York Times, CNBC, CBS The Early Show, The Chosun Ilbo, China Daily, Reuters, The Associated Press, Investor’s Business Daily and Globe and Mail.

At Stratfor, Mr. Baker writes and oversees the production of articles for the company's website and special reports for clients around the world, keeping them informed of events of vital interest to their businesses and organizations. He was one of the first to voice concerns about the gathering difficulties for the Chinese economy and continues to monitor breaking intelligence in the region.

Mr. Baker analyzed the security and counterterrorism issues in the run-up to the Beijing Olympic Games, as well as the threat of Islamist militancy in China. Recently, he has focused on the geopolitical implications of U.S. shale natural gas production, global water scarcity and battery technology/nanotechnology development.

Before joining Stratfor, Mr. Baker studied and worked in South Korea and graduated with honors from Southampton College, Long Island University and received an M.A. in Military History at Norwich University in Vermont.

Plenary: Insights on the Geopolitical Landscape

Monday, February 13
5:20pm - 6:10pm