Sara Star Photo

Sara Star

Board Member, Crown Family Philanthropies

Sara Crown Star is a community leader based in Chicago, IL and is active with numerous nonprofit and charitable organizations. Sara’s particular interests include; Jewish community leadership, education, healthcare and medical research.

Sara is currently working with leading scientists to bring a cutting edge medical technology to market and a few start-ups to bring new products to market.Sara is passionate about working with nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs that are using innovation to solve the most pressing problems of our time.  At her core, she is driven by a sense of civic responsibility, justice and fairness that was instilled in her by her family at a young age.

With in her family, Sara has served on the board of Crown Family Philanthropies (CFP) and Crown Family Foundation (CFF) for many years addressing the multitude of governance, strategy and programmatic issues that have evolved over multiple generations.

Panel Discussion: Professionalizing Family Foundation

Monday, February 13
4:30pm - 5:20pm